Proverbs 12:10

"The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal." Proverbs 12:10

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Reading Retriever

by Abby Goad

Many dogs do not need training to read with you. They're capable of doing it on their own. Check your dog's temperamentFor example, a Flat-Coat Retriever would be good in this project.  Calm dogs used to listening to you talk may enjoy sitting down and listening to you read a new book.

When I was telling my Mom my favorite part so far of a "Harry Potter" book a few years ago, my 12-year-old Flat-Coat Retriever, Gracie, walked in and listened for awhile.  That evening, I read to Gracie and we got through about 50 pages (a whole chapter) of the book.  We both really enjoyed it.

We kept reading every night for 25 to 30 minutes.  That affected Gracie's sleep a lot.  She got more rest.  This is in turn, gave her more energy in the day so she was much healthier.  We played a ton more which was good! It made me very joyful to see her so happy! The reading itself was good for me since I usually don't read out loud.  Reading to a dog is much easier because they don't judge you if you mess up. 

You can read to your dog at home!  It's always good to bond with your pet because it makes both of you happier.  Just like with me and Gracie!! 

(Abby Goad is a young dyslexic writer and an Orton-Gillingham student.)

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